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Taking The Pea

49 Greek Street, London, W1D 4EG

Tel: +44(0)7914053159

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Introducing Taking The Pea! The UK’s first and only Great Taste Award winning savoury pea brand with more protein and fibre than crisps and less fat than nuts.

We are the first and most trusted brand of savoury pea snacks in the United Kingdom. We are to this date the only Wasabi pea to have earned a Great Taste Award. We have since gone on to earn another star for our Cheesy Peasy & Onion flavour. Our peas a higher in protein and fibre then crisps with less fat than nuts. We beat any other snack brand on a taste and health combination.

So who are we? Well let me tell you about our founder: Mike, an Aussie living in London and long time ‘hater’ of peas, first gave peas a chance when he munched on his first wasabi pea in 2013. To his surprise he quite enjoyed the crunchy texture and eye watering kick it came with. Being the health conscious , gym going, beach weights kinda guy he is, Mike was delighted with the nutritional benefits , but something bothered him. Why didn’t peas come in any other flavours? After extensively searching the internet it looked like only one flavour of pea existed, it was time for Mike to put a stop to this pea discrimination, it was time to give peas a chance.

Why our peas?

Unlike other brands we do not use chick peas, or split peas or extruded peas…. Just real British marrowfat peas! High in fibre and a veggie source of protein we are not only tasty but functional too. Our 40g pack contains 6g of protein and 3g of fibre per pack! We’re also lower in fat than crisps than nuts. What’s not to like?



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