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Smylie Limited

Unit 7, Riverview Business Park, Riverview Road, Bromborough, Wirral. CH62 3RR

Tel: +44(0)151 653 3335

Fax: +44(0)151 653 3336
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Canned Chilled Fairtrade Frozen Gluten Free Halal Kosher Nut Free Organic Ready Meal Vegan & Vegetarian  

Smylies Ltd. Food Exports Company Profile Smylies Ltd. are an industry leader in the sourcing and distribution of UK food and non-food products. Smylies specialise in providing a variety of different businesses with a selection of Britain’s most popular products, with a key focus on supplying to supermarkets, hypermarkets, embassies and food service organisations. However, although Smylies work with a selection of large businesses, they are flexible enough to offer a distribution service to smaller operations and individuals as well.


With many years’ experience in exporting to the Middle East, South East Asia, Australasia, USA and South America, Smylies are able to send your order by sea, air or over-land.


Smylies are trusted by some of the worlds major retailers to complete their end to end export solutions, and help overseas businesses stock their shelves with products by the UK’s biggest brands. Smylies will provide the full export service – health certificates, certificates of origin, re-labelling, ink jetting, translations, compliance, palletising and consolidation. They will also offer a full freight forwarding service as well.


The high levels of service that Smylies provide have allowed them to form tight partnerships with clients in an array of different industries and also win multiple respected rewards as a result of their efforts.


About Smylies

Smylies is a privately owned, family run business that has been supplying businesses with the complete exportation service for over 15 years. Although Smylies Ltd. was officially established in 2003, the Smylies name has been associated with the food business for centuries.


When Ireland was hit by a catastrophic potato famine in 1843 James Smylie emigrated to Manchester to seek fresh opportunities, and subsequently set up a business that predominantly sold bacon to Mancunian citizens. Since then, the Smylies involvement within the food industry lasted through generations and became Smylies Ltd. in 2003, after they supplied a supermarket in Abu Dhabi with an order of British groceries.


Following their inception in 2013 Smylies have expanded massively and now source and supply in excess of 20’000 different products for distributors, retailers, food service companies and supermarkets in over 40 countries. Their growth has allowed them to move to a state-of-the-art purpose built 30’000 square feet headquarters, where they can effectively manage and ship frozen, chilled and ambient popular British products.


Food, drink and non-food exporter service

Smylies provide an industry leading service in both consolidating and exporting products from a variety of British brands. Smylies understand how much British food and drink is loved across the world, which is why they provide an unrivalled end to end exportation service that allows you to select form their unbeatable product range. Their products consist of 4 different sections; grocery, chilled, frozen and non-food.



 Smylies’ grocery section consists of an extensive range of products from a selection of the most well-known brands. Whether you’re looking for chocolate, crisps or drinks, you are guaranteed to find the grocery product that you are looking for at Smylies.

The full list of grocery products that we have available at Smylies for worldwide export is as follows:


• Chocolate

• Sweets
• Biscuits

• Crisps

• Snacks

• Cereal

• Soft Drinks

• Alcoholic Drinks

• Baby Food

• Sauces

• Condiments

• Baking

• Soups

• Spreads


If you are after something which is not on our grocery product list, then please contact Smylies and they will be happy to source and deliver your desired product.



In addition to the wide selection of popular British grocery products that are available at Smylies, there are also a range of widely enjoyed chilled products that you can efficiently export. From meat-based products to yoghurts and milk, Smylies export the best of Britain to clients all over the world.


The full list of chilled food products that Smylies can deliver to your overseas business can be found below:

• Yoghurts

• Dairy Free

• Drinks

• Cheese

• Spreads

• Milk & Eggs

• Cakes

• Soup

• Dips

If the chilled product that you require is not mentioned in the above list, contact the Smylies team today and they will see if your requested product can be sourced and delivered.



Smylies utilise innovative state-of-the-art temperature controlling technology to transport frozen foods during the exportation process. This ensures that the products that you order will be fresh on arrival at your overseas business, wherever you are situated!


Smylies can consolidate grocery, chilled and frozen products under one single order, so start building your export by looking at their frozen food products below:


• Ice Cream

• Ready Meals

• Pizzas

• Chips

• Fish

• Meat

• Poultry

• Vegetarian

• Desserts


Can’t find the frozen food product that you were looking for in their list? If so, don’t worry. Contact the Smylies team and they will be happy to source and export the product that you need!



On top of all the British food and drink products that Smylies export, they also export British non-food items to businesses all over to world. Smylies can provide toiletries, laundry, healthcare and much more, they are assured to have the non-food product that your company is looking for.


Check out the complete selection of non-food items that are ready for worldwide export at Smylies below:


• Baby Care

• Laundry

• Household

• Toiletries

• Beauty

• Paperware

• Pet Care


 If you can’t find the non-food product that you need for your overseas business in the list above, you can contact Smylies and find out if they can source and export the item that you are after.



For each of the Grocery, Chilled, Frozen and Non-Food sections at Smylies, they have a vast number of items from popular British brands. Smylies are proud to work with these leading brands and provide our worldwide clients with all the products that they need to keep their customers content.


Please take a look below to see some of the leading brands that Smylies supply.


Grocery Brands

• Chocolate – Cadbury, Kinder, Mars, Nestlé, Thornton’s, Ferrero

• Sweets – Bassets, Maynard’s, Haribo, Rowntree’s, Swizzle’s, Biona • Biscuits – McVitie’s, Fox’s, Cadbury, Jammie Dodgers, Maryland, Border Biscuits

• Crisps – Walkers, The King’s Deli, McCoy’s, Kettle Brand, Pringles, Ritz

• Snacks – Nakd, Urban Fruit, Sun Valley, Bear, Forest Feast, Butterkist

• Cereal – Kellogg’s, Dorset Cereals, Weetabix, Nestle, Rude Health • Soft Drinks – Coca Cola, Pepsi, Monster Energy, Lucozade, Belvoir, Cawston Press

• Alcoholic Drinks – Fosters, Magners, Brew Dog, Marston’s, Carlsberg, Becks

• Baby – Heinz for Baby, Organix, Piccolo, Hipp Organic, Annabel Karmel, Organu

• Sauces – Dolmio, Napolina, Jack Daniels, Loyd Grossman, Mr Organic, Pataks

• Condiments – Stokes, Colmans, Heinz, Hellmann’s, HP, Branston

• Baking – Doves Farm, Oxo, Bisto, Dr. Oetker, Tate Lyle

• Soups – Heinz, Baxters, Batchelor’s, Weight Watchers, Biona

• Spreads – Cadbury, Mars, Ferrero, Tiptree, Rowse, Hartley’s


Chilled Brands

• Yoghurt – Muller, Rachels, Pettis Filous, Fage Total, Yeo Valley, Danone

• Dairy Free – Coyo, Nush, Alpro, Delamere, Lactofree, Pure

• Drinks – Innocent, Tropicana, Mars, Savse, Grove, Starbucks

• Cheese – Quicke’s, Pilgrims Choice, Cathedral City, Cheesestrings, Calveley Mill, Wensleydale

• Spreads – Flora, Clover, Kerrygold, Primula, Dairylea, Philadelphia • Milk & Eggs – The Happy Egg Company, Cravendale, Alpro, Delamere, Lactofree

• Cakes – Mr Kipling, Cadbury, McVitie’s, Thorntons, Mrs Crimbles, Soreen

• Soup – New Covent Garden Soup Company, Yorkshire Provender

• Dips – Delphi, Primula


Frozen Brands

• Ice Cream – Ben & Jerry’s, Cadbury, Haagen-Dazs, Jude’s, Oreo, Booja-Booja

 • Ready Meals – Bannisters’ Farm, Birds Eye, Bisto, Sharwood’s, Heinz, Young’s

• Pizzas ¬– Chicago Town, Dr. Oetker, Goodfella’s, Iceland, San Marco, Whole Creations

• Chips ¬– Aunt Bessies, Bannisters’ Farm, Birds Eye, Green Isle, Iceland, McCain

• Fish – Big Fish, Birds Eye, Iceland, Whitby Seafood’s, Young’s

• Meat ¬– Aunt Bessie’s, Big Al’s, Birds Eye, Iceland, Richmond, Wall’s

• Poultry – Bernard Matthews, Birds Eye, Gressingham, SFC, Sharwood’s, Weight Watchers

• Vegetarian – Ardo, Aunt Bessies, Birds Eye, Iceland, Linda McCartney’s, Quorn

• Desserts – Almondy, Aunt Bessies, Birds Eye, Conditorei Coppenrath & Wiese, Oreo, Weight Watchers


Non-Food Brands

• Baby Care – Huggies, Johnson’s, Pampers, Simple, Calpol, Paddy’s Bathroom

• Laundry – Ariel, Bold, Comfort, Ecover, Persil, Surf

• Household – Cif, Dettol, Fairy, Finish, Flash, Mr Muscle

• Toiletries – Aquafresh, Colgate, Gillete, Herbal Essences, Lynx, Pantene

• Beauty – Dove, Johnson’s, Nivea, Olay, Simple, Vaseline

• Paperware – Andrex, Cushelle, Kleenex, Plenty, Velvet, Regina

• Pet Care – Bakers, Felix, Iams, Pedigree, Sheba, Whiskas


Smylies Exclusive Brand – The King’s Deli

After experiencing great success within the exportation industry, Smylies decided to launch their own label brand of crisps in the form of ‘The Kings Deli’. Using all the experience and knowledge that was gained during their time within the export market, Smylies created a brand of crisps that has all the ingredients to be perfect for businesses all over the world.


The Kings Deli crisps are manufactured in the UK, and are made using only the finest ingredients. This results in delicious premium hand-cooked crisp that is valued by global clients in various industries.


Furthermore, The King’s Deli crisps have a long shelf life of 9 months which makes them ideal for export, and are 100% gluten free with no artificial flavours, MSG, colourings and preservatives.


The King’s Deli crisps are available for worldwide export, and come in the following flavours:


• Tomato & Herb

• Salt & Black Pepper

• Original Sea Salt

• Honey BBQ

• Cheese

• Hot & Spicy

• Sour Cream & Onion

• Paprika


Contact the Smylies team today to learn more about having The King’s Deli crisps imported for your overseas business.


Labelling and Logistics

Smylies take pride in being recognised as one of Britain’s leading export management companies. Smylies fully understand that your business needs to import your products as efficiently and with as little hassle as possible, which is why they make it their aim to remove the difficult processes that are usually associated with exports for their clients.


Smylies offer a ‘one stop shop that provides a complete export and rework service, that consists of several different exportation solutions.


• Air Freight


Smylies supply an abundance overseas supermarkets, hypermarkets, embassies, wholesalers, independents and food service organisations with the popular British products that they require via their air freight service each and every week.


Smylies’ experienced team understand how to make the exportation process as efficient as possible and move an average of 25 tonnes of air freight on a weekly basis. In addition to this Smylies are located near one of the UK’s major airports which allows them to form strong bonds with major freight forwarders and airlines.


• Sea Freight


 In addition to being located near one of the UK’s most popular airports, Smylies are also situated near a major UK seaport which allows them to ship hundreds of containers annually. Smylies utilise sea freight networks when necessary to guarantee that their overseas clients’ products arrive in perfect condition.


Thanks to the partnerships that Smylies have created with freight forwarders and shipping lines, Smylies are able to provide overseas businesses with a reliable and affordable service. Smylies can both organise and consolidate exportation shipments at our premises for shipment to any destination on the planet.


• Road Freight


Smylies can also supply UK, Ireland and Europe haulage at super competitive prices. Using state-of-the-art modern trucks and lorries that are equipped with effective temperature-controlled storage facilities, Smylies can guarantee that your products will arrive at your business fresh and ready to sell. The Smylies road freight network can be incorporated into a land or sea delivery or can be used solely, and there are a variety of economy and express delivery times that are available for overseas clients.


• Documentation


Smylies have a goal to supply exporters with a complete service for their documentation requirements. Thanks to being supported by the Chambers of Commerce, governing bodies, health authorities and Embassies, Smylies can provide a comprehensive range of documentation services.


The documentation services that Smylies supply ensure that your export order will arrive without any legal problems, and we are happy to help when certain products need to be exported with specific documents. We provide documentation such as EUR1 export documents, Health Certificates, Export Certificates, Certificates of Free Sale, CVOs/C16, SSNs, DGN’s and many more!


• Labelling & Inkjet


Due to working with clients in an array of different countries, which is why we provide bespoke labelling services to highlight certain ingredients and translate labels. Our professional label translations are able to translate English ingredients into Arabic, Mandarin, Russian Spanish and many additional languages. In addition to this our bespoke labelling services highlight prohibited ingredients when possible, and Smylies can also supply Best Before Dating on every product that they offer to meet the requirements of their clients.


• Pick & Pack Service


The 30’000 square foot warehouse that Smylies operate out of is purpose built to provide unrivalled pick and pack services. From unloading cases from containers and vehicles during their packing service to providing bespoke re-boxing and re-labelling services as required, you can be assured that Smylies will supply the ultimate Pick & Pack Service. In addition to this, Smylies understand that each client requires differing levels of the pick & pack service, which is why Smylies provide tailored services to ensure that the overall exportation process is as efficient as possible.


• Warehousing & Storage


 Smylies have a state-of-the-art 30’000 square foot modern warehouse that makes it ideal storing a variety of different products. From frozen and chilled food products all the way to non-food items such as toiletries, our high-quality facilities will ensure that your produce reaches you in perfect condition. Smylies don’t only pride themselves on their levels of service and efficiency, but also on their security. Both at our main warehouse and whilst on the road, our warehouse is heavily monitored and alarmed with both internal and external CCTV systems.


• Receipt, Handle & Dispatch


 The Smylies warehouse is specifically designed to host thousands of cases, and to both check and store pallets before they are then exported all over the globe. Whenever produce arrives at the Smylies facility, they are handled by the organised Smylies team who check, store and reload as required.


Smylies fully understand how important it is for their clients to receive their imports as soon as possible, which is why every delivery that Smylies complete is carried out in an efficient and professional manner.


Online Portal


To continue the high levels of service that they are able to provide to their clients, Smylies are currently in the process of developing an online portal to improve the overall accessibility of Smylies’ services.


Within this online hub, clients of Smylies will be able to simply log in using the details that they have been given and easily place their export orders online, rather than going through the more traditional method of ordering on the phone etc.


This is a revolutionary change that will make the exportation process easier for everyone who is associated with Smylies Ltd.


Queens Award and other notable achievements


Smylies are a proud award-winning business – to highlight our achievements and commitment to exports we have been presented with a number of awards. In both 2014 & 2018 we were awarded the Queens Award for Enterprise: International Trade. This is one of the most prestigious honours that a British business can win.


We have also won two local chamber business awards in the recent years and in 2016 we won the British Chamber of Commerce Exporter of the Year award.


Contact Smylies today!


If you would like to benefit from working with one of the UK’s leading British food and drink exporters, then contact a member of the Smylies team today.



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