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A subsidiary of one of the UK’s leading food and drink exporters, Smylie Ltd, The King’s Deli is a crisp manufacturing company that’s mission is to create fantastic, flavoursome and unique crisps that are available for worldwide export. The King’s Deli take great pride in providing both UK based and overseas distributors such as retailers, pub owners, wholesalers and more with a variety of scrumptious crisp flavours.


The King’s Deli team use the vital knowledge of the exportation industry that they have been gained whilst working with Smylies to create a crisp range that has grown to be successful within the market.


About The King’s Deli Crisps

After continued success within the exportation industry, Smylie Ltd. decided it was time to create their own exclusive food brand and The King’s Deli was born. From the concept idea right through until the launch of the brand, Smylies chose to complete all of their own branding to reflect the personality of their business within The King’s Deli.

Furthermore, it was decided that the manufacturing process for The King’s Deli crisps would remain in the United Kingdom and only the finest quality ingredients would be used to complete the procedure. This has resulted in a range of tasty, premium British hand-cooked crisps that are greatly valued by customers all over the globe.

On top of being hand cooked using only the freshest potatoes that Britain has to offer, The King’s Deli are also proud to confirm that all of their crisps are 100% gluten free and do not include any artificial flavours, MSG, colourings and preservatives. This makes The King’s Deli crisps completely suitable for vegetarians!

The Kings Deli crisps are only kettle-cooked using the most innovative technology around, and every crisp is then hand-sorted by eye to ensure that any crisps that are damaged or overcooked do not make it into the bag.

By following these philosophies, it ensures that each bag of The King’s Deli crisps truly are fit for a king!


The King’s Deli flavour range

The King’s Deli crisps come in 9 delicious flavours that are all available for immediate worldwide export. Thanks to being cooked with the ultimate care and in small batches at a time, each flavour of The King’s Deli crisps are guaranteed to have a distinctive crunch! Check out the variety of The King’s Deli crisp flavours below:
• Tomato & Herb

A Great British crisp with a classic Italian flavour. The King’s Deli Tomato & Herb crisps come packed with an intense flavour and are seasoned with the perfect combination of specially selected herbs and sun-blushed tomatoes. The end result is a taste that is undeniably delicious.

• Salt & Black Pepper

 A simple combination that guarantees a phenomenal taste. The Salt & Black Pepper flavouring perfectly complements the crunchy texture that The King’s Deli crisps have, making this flavour a favourite amongst those from all over the globe.

• Original Sea Salt

Another classic flavour, the Original Sea Salt crisps by The King’s Deli provide the ideal accompaniment to an ice-cold drink or a sandwich, and can also be enjoyed as a tasty snack on their own!

• Honey BBQ

Using a combination of carefully selected ingredients such as ripe tomatoes, peppers, smoked salt and red onions, The King’s Deli were able to create the mouth-watering Honey BBQ flavour. Honey BBQ crisps by The King’s Deli are available for worldwide export and are enjoyed by many all over the world.

• Cheese

Cheese flavoured crisps by The King’s Deli is another variant that is massively popular amongst their clients who are both based overseas and in the UK. Like all other The King’s Deli flavours, their cheese crisps are made using only the finest British potatoes to create the ultimate crunch.

• Hot & Spicy Crisps

 The King’s Deli’s Hot & Spicy Crisps are perfect for those who like a bit of a kick with their snack. The famous Hot & Spicy flavour is perfectly created by using just the right amount of chilli, tomato and onion to provide a satisfying spicy punch that isn’t too overwhelming.


• Sour Cream & Onion


 A right royal treat to say the least, the Sour Cream & Onion crisps by The King’s Deli incorporate the perfect mixture of onions, garlic and herbs married with the well-favoured taste of sour cream, to create a fitting version of one of the world most popular flavours.


• Paprika


 A flavour that is enjoyed all over the globe, Paprika is a well renowned international favourite. The King’s Deli marry sweet paprika, cayenne onion and an array of additional natural ingredients to create the ultimate gluten free Paprika crisp.


• Sea Salt & Balsamic Vinegar Crisps


The newest flavour of The King’s Deli collection is another British classic in the form of Sea Salt & Balsamic Vinegar. Every bite of these delicious crisps will provide a sharp taste of one of the worlds most popular crisp flavours.


Import The King’s Deli crisps for your overseas or UK business


 The King’s Deli are now growing at a faster rate than ever before, and are supplying more and more clients with the crisps that they need to keep their customers happy. They have formed strong partnerships with a variety of retailers, supermarkets, distributors and independents in an array of different countries such as:


• United Kingdom

• Spain

• Gambia

• Ghana

• Liberia

• Kenya

• Saudi Arabia

• Qatar

• Kuwait

• Bahrain

• Dubai

• Hong Kong

• Malaysia

• Singapore

• Taiwan

• Philippines


 All the clients that The King’s Deli have worked with in these countries have been mightily impressed with the exportation service. Buy Great British crisps in bulk from The King’s Deli and have your order delivered much sooner than you think!


We can deliver your order by land, air or sea, and The King’s Deli HQ is located near some of the UK’s major sea-ports and airports meaning your exportation order will be completed in an efficient and timely manner.


 Or if you have you’re the King’s Deli order delivered on the road, you don’t have to worry about your product arriving in poor condition, as The King’s Deli have a shelf life of 9 months and our haulage vehicles have state-of-the-art temperature-controlled storage solutions.


In addition to this, all The King’s Deli orders are protected in innovative triple laminate packaging, to further insure that there is minimal disruption in transit to guarantee that your crisps stay fresher for longer.


The King’s Deli can also provide you with bespoke packaging and labelling services to ensure that your crisps arrive with packaging in the language that you require.


More than just an exportation service

 Once you become a Stockist of The King’s Deli crisps, not only will you receive their unrivalled exportation services, but you will also receive a bespoke service to help you boost your sales.


The King’s Deli will supply you with special products and incentives, along with supplying you with sample boxes and eye-catching display units to help grab the attention of your establishments’ customers.


Furthermore, the dedicated marketing team at The King’s Deli will also tailor unique social media posts and competitions to your company that are sure to not just benefit your customers, but your company as well.


The social media competitions that we complete attract the attention of thousands of users on social media, meaning by stocking The Kings Deli crisps you can potentially open your company up to having a substantially larger social media presence.


The King’s Deli will make it their aim to understand your company inside out, to ensure that you have the greatest possible success by using their products to stock your shelves.


Contact The King’s Deli for Exclusive Wholesale Crisp Offers 

 If you would like to learn more about how stocking your businesses shelves with The King’s Deli crisps can improve your businesses sales, then get in touch with The King’s Deli team today! Speak directly to a dedicated member of their team by calling 03334551217 now or by emailing.


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