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Grace Foods (UK) Limited

Grace House, Centrapark, Bessemer Road, Welwyn Garden City, AL7 1HW

Tel: +44(0)1707 322332

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        Canned Halal Vegan & Vegetarian       

Grace Foods UK is a leading World Food business with brands spanning Sauces and Condiments, Beverages, Nutrition and General Grocery in both the Ethnic and Mainstream market sectors in the UK and key European countries.

The Company’s roots in the UK can be traced back to the late 1940’s with the founding of Enco Products Ltd, the business that went on to establish the UK’s Caribbean Food & Drink market in the 1950’s and 1960’s with brands such as Encona, Nurishment and Dunn’s River, a market in which The Company remains brand leader to this day.

Enco Products, together with sister companies Chadha Oriental Foods and Funnybones Foodservice, all members of the WT Foods Group, was acquired in 2007 by Grace Kennedy, one of both Jamaica’s and the Caribbean’s leading consumer goods and service businesses, to form Grace Foods UK.

Today Grace Foods UK operates a major UK-based business comprising ambient and frozen warehousing, distribution and manufacturing, marketing and selling both our own brands and those of a number of partners to countries throughout Europe, Africa and The Middle East.

Encona is the UK’s leading Chilli Sauce brand with a heritage stretching back almost 40 years, and today can be found on almost every supermarket shelf in the UK as well as the majority of Independent and Convenience stores. The brand has seen significant growth in recent years and can now be found in supermarkets across France, The Netherlands, Germany and some 15 other European countries as well as further afield in the Middle East and Africa.
A true “World Brand” featuring original recipes from all over the world, Encona is a premium quality brand that truly offers something for everybody, from our iconic “West Indian Original Hot Pepper Sauce” through to milder variants ideal for many cuisines and uses and thus offering a unique breadth of market appeal.

Nurishment is the UK’s leading brand of Nutritional Milk with sales has exceeded 20million. Launched some 30 year ago, today the brand’s iconic cans can be found in almost every UK grocery outlet, large and small, appealing to an exceptionally broad consumer base, Ethnic and Mainstream alike

Nurishment’s success stems from a unique formulation of protein, vitamins and minerals in a milk drink that is truly functional. Nurishment is ideal as gap-filler or hunger solution, a nutritional boost at any time of the day or as a source of key vitamins and minerals – a true multi-purpose product.
Launched at the end of 2012, new Nurishment Active really sums up the brand’s attributes. Combining High Protein with a unique blend of 22 Vitamins and Minerals, delicious tasting and low in fat, Nurishment Active is targeted at post-exercise recovery. It is thus ideal for sports people and active lifestyle consumers alike in what is fast becoming one of the real growth product sectors across Europe.

Not only is Grace the brand leader in the UK’s Caribbean market, but this global brand can be found in regions and countries as diverse as the Caribbean, USA, Europe, Africa and the Middle East. Grace is a major global supplier of coconut products .exotic beverages such as Fruit, Aloe Vera and Malt drinks, snacks, sauces, condiments and convenience foods.
Unique to Grace are our coconut products, offering a range unrivalled in its combination of premium quality, competitive pricing and powerful branding. Grace branded Coconut Milk is available in several specifications in both cans and tetra pack as well as powder and block, while Grace Coconut Water is also sold in both cans and tetra packs. This unique product range is ideally placed for the continued rapid growth in coconut products seen throughout Europe.

Brunswick is the leading canned seafood brand in Canada and the USA and has been widely available in many Caribbean markets for many years, giving the brand a strong presence in the Ethnic market as well as mainstream. Brunswick is a premium quality brand, available for Europe as a range of North Atlantic sourced sardines with a number of innovative variants including Hot Tabasco Pepper and Curry flavours.



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