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The Deeside Water Company

Pannanich Wells, Ballater, Royal Deeside, Scotland. AB35 5SJ

Tel: +44(0)1339 755 000

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The Deeside Water Company bottles Natural Mineral Water from artesian springs within the protected Cairngorms National Park, close to Balmoral Castle, in the Scottish Mountains. This unique water has a long history of healthy qualities and has been extensively tested to confirm special properties. 

The Water    

As a result of local geology, Deeside Mineral Water is unusually pure and very low in minerals with a clean, fresh taste and smooth texture. The remote hills around the springs are free from pollution and the water filters through cracks in the underground rocks for around 50 years, collecting its special properties. 

Emerging under its own pressure at the springs the water has a constant flow rate and temperature, confirming the deep nature of this source. Sustainability is important and we work to protect and preserve this scarce and precious resource, only using a fraction of what nature provides. There are no boreholes to pump out more water. 

Modern research studies back up historical references to health and confirm a unique combination of natural factors which make this different to other waters.  It hydrates very effectively and has been shown to act as an antioxidant, to help promote wellbeing. 


The water flows from ancient healing springs at Pannanich Wells and became famous around 1760 when a local woman was cured of a fatal disease called scrofula after drinking and bathing in it. Word quickly spread and people flocked to take the “miracle waters”.  

The local Laird built an Inn and bath houses for visitors but the small community of Tullich could not cope and Ballater grew up as a spa town to accommodate the health seekers in search of the water that cured their ailments and invigorated their being. 

A local doctor advertised his weekly presence at the springs in the Aberdeen Journal and prescribed the water for a variety of conditions. Skin complaints were treated, and the doctor recommended the most suitable methods of bathing in the springs to aid recovery. 

For over a century, visitors came for the special waters, including Lord Byron and Sir Walter Scott. Queen Victoria drank the waters in 1856 and wrote of them fondly in her Highland Journals.  

Healthy Characteristics 

The natural properties of Deeside Mineral Water have been linked to good health for centuries and extensive research has identified a unique combination of characteristics not found in other waters. These have been shown to promote wellbeing when present in the correct proportions. This is very rare but flows naturally from the springs – a source of living water. 

  • Deeside Mineral Water has smaller clusters of H20 compared to normal water, meaning it increases cell hydration with many benefits such as improved skin function and vitality.
  • It is very low in minerals making it unusually pure which helps the body to flush out toxins.
  • It has a lower pH than most waters, giving it an abundance of spare ions to donate to cells. It also has a low redox potential, meaning a tendency to donate electrons to the body, all of which makes the water act like an antioxidant.

This unique combination of qualities makes Deeside one of the purest, healthiest waters available. 

Taste Profile 

Deeside Mineral Water is classed as low on the minerality scale and has a light, clean taste profile with a smooth finish. With a combined calcium and magnesium content of only 7mg/l it is referred to as a Soft Water.

It has a vintage of around 50 years, the time taken for pure Scottish rainfall to filter through the granite rock. The result of protection deep underground is a very good level of virginality, determined by the low nitrate level of the water. 

It is a perfect accompaniment with any meal or fine dining experience. The clean, neutral taste will not distort the flavours of your food or wine and the low minerality makes it a particularly good accompaniment to subtle fish dishes or sweet fruity desserts. 

In addition to the clean taste, the smaller molecular cluster size of Deeside Mineral Water makes it an excellent mixer with spirits and whisky in particular.  It has a larger surface area to bring out the natural flavours of a drink, making them more available to the taste buds. 

The Deeside Water Company 

The Deeside Water Company is a privately owned family business, founded by George and Martin Simpson, located at the source of the healing springs near Ballater on Royal Deeside. From a modest start in 1996, hand bottling in a small room and delivering from the back of the car, we have grown to supply water around the world, with a modern bottling plant and prestigious customers in many locations. 

Deeside was recognised as a Natural Mineral Water in 1998 and operates to the SALSA quality standard.  We operate in an ethical and sustainable way, and never forget we are a family business, who are big enough to cope but small enough to care. In a world of multinational corporations, we are proud to be one the few independent operators left in Scotland. 

Deeside Mineral Water is exported around the world and can be found in fine establishments in Europe, the Middle East and Far East, among others.   We supply hospitality, retail, health and wholesale customers direct or through international distributors. 

Products - Bottled Water 

Deeside Mineral Water is available in a range of Glass and PET bottles in both Still and Sparkling. 

  • 500ml PET Still 24 bottles per case (6 x 4)
  • 70 cases per pallet
  • 1 Litre PET Still 12 bottles per case (4 x 3) 
  • 70 cases per pallet
  • 2 Litre PET Still   6 bottles per case (3 x 2) 
  • 80 cases per pallet
  • 250ml Glass Still 24 bottles per case (6 x 4) 
  • 96 cases per pallet
  • 250ml Glass Sparkling 24 bottles per case (6 x 4)
  • 96 cases per pallet
  • 750ml Glass Still 12 bottles per case (4 x 3) 
  • 70 cases per pallet
  • 750ml Glass Sparkling 12 bottles per case (4 x 3)
  • 70 cases per pallet

Bottles are labelled with appropriate volume declaration & legal content.  Date and Batch codes are printed onto the bottle neck, shelf life is 24 months from date of bottling. 

Bottles are quality checked, then packed into trays for shrink wrapping. Cases are built onto pallets, with card layer dividers.  Corner board is used for strength and pallets are wrapped and sealed with a card lid over the top of each pallet.  4-way entry pallets are used - size 1m x 1.2m.

Products - Own Label 

We offer an own label service so you can either present your own branding on bottles of water or present the Deeside Mineral Water brand in your own language. We produce own label water for many prestigious companies including premium supermarkets, international drinks businesses and independent hotels.  

Personalised labels are applied to the standard range of bottles and closures, using existing label sizes for efficient production. Quantities range from a single pallet for a promotion or event to full container loads on a regular basis if required.  Other options may be available for larger order volumes. 

Products - Bulk Water 

Deeside Mineral Water can be supplied in 1,000 Litre Intermediate Bulk Containers (IBCs) for use as an active ingredient for soft drinks, spirits, and other food & drink products. The low mineral content, small molecular cluster size and unique properties enhance performance and taste with benefits not found in other waters. 

We fill into food grade sterile bag liners to ensure quality and safety.  IBCs can be delivered internationally. All containers are filled according to standard operating procedures to take account of hygiene, health & safety regulations.  


Fuarain Super Active Moisture Cream is a rich, hydrating and beautifully luxurious formula that uses the benefits of our clinically tested Deeside Mineral Water at its core.  Research confirms it increases skin hydration and has qualities which are beneficial to skin condition. 

The name Fuarain is inspired by the Scots Gaelic word for “Spring”. It was developed in consultation with leading beauty industry experts and Scotland’s longest practising medical herbalist. Fuarain Super Active Moisture Cream rejuvenates and revitalises skin for a beautifully glowing, radiant complexion, with lines appearing softened and skin feeling replenished, restored and hydrated: an ideal addition for normal to dehydrated, and sensitive skin types. 

Fragrance free, vegan friendly, cruelty-free, and with environmentally friendly packaging, the cream has been successfully tested in clinical trials, with results showing an increased skin hydration by 47.8% when tested 4 hours after application. Fuarain Super Active Moisture cream was found to significantly increase skin hydration after a single application, and to have a 24-hour moisturising effect. 

  • Fuarain Super Active Moisture Cream – 60ml Glass Jar – Trade Pack size - 6 units (3 x 2)

Contact Us

We would be delighted to tell you more about our range of unique products, so feel free to call +44 (0) 1339 755 000 if you would like further details. 

You can look us up at and on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.







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