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Clearspring is a family business and for over 28 years we have been committed to pioneering authentic Japanese specialities and organic fine foods. We are proud to bring you our award-winning ranges that are enjoyed and appreciated around the world. Discover over 280 premium quality, delicious, organic, vegan, and sustainably produced products, across 27 categories. 

Clearspring offers a wide range of product categories including Japanese specialities such as miso, seasonings, tofu, noodles, sushi ingredients, matcha and teas alongside a wide range of European and international products such as oils, vinegars, rice cakes, snacks, spreads, syrups, pasta and pasta sauces, beans and vegetables, vegan essentials and a coconut range. Clearspring also has a gluten free offering. 

All our products are 100% vegan and plant-based with no artificial additives, MSG, colourings, preservatives or added refined sugars. All our products are sustainably produced.

Choose Clearspring Organic

Clearspring’s products are all either 100% Organic, certified by UK’s Soil Association and Dutch Skal certification, or Wild, where no certification is possible such as in Ocean agriculture. The benefits of organic are numerous. Put simply, organic food and drink is produced using very rigorous standards. Those standards are put in place to ensure that when food is produced, every part of the process is carefully managed to ensure that the soil is nourished, the eco-system is preserved, and people are protected. This includes measures such as: 

Fewer pesticides – if any are used, they should be natural

No use of artificial fertilisers

The food grown is non-GMO

No artificial colours or preservatives

When you choose Clearspring’s organic products, you are buying them with the assurance that you are getting only the highest quality products, which offer traceability from the farm to the shop floor and all are sustainably produced. Good for your customers and better for the planet.

Plant Based

In general terms, vegans or those opting for a plant-based diet, do not eat animal products. Not only meat but also eggs, dairy products, and other animal-derived substances such as honey. All Clearspring products are vegan and are certified by the UK’s Vegan Society.

Plant-based products are more popular than ever, and it is a category that is growing rapidly – offering more choice than ever before. People are switching to the diet or reducing their meat intake (flexitarians) for multiple reasons including the environment, sustainability, animal welfare and personal health.

What sets Clearspring apart as a plant-based business, is that as well as flavour and vegan credentials, we also focus on delivering maximum nutritional value from the products that we offer. We only use the finest wholefood ingredients that are naturally and sustainably grown, with minimal processing and without artificial additives and preservatives.

Discover the full Clearspring range including our vegan specialities at

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