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Aberko Ltd.

PO Box 3445, Glasgow. G62 8WX

Tel: +44(0)141 956 3394

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Aberko Limited is a small independent spirits company based in Glasgow, that produces and sells its own brands in both the United Kingdom and overseas. The brands are a result of acquisition and in house development. We have 2 whisky brands Deerstalker and Black Top plus a range of ginger drinks under the Hutchison’s name.

The Deerstalker brand dates to 1880 and is one of the older trademarks in Britain. Deerstalking is as much a tradition as the distilling of whisky itself, and its origins may be traced back to the stalkers that worked in the great estates in Scotland in the 1700's.

We have three styles of Deerstalker whisky:

Highland Single Malt
Deerstalker Highland Single Malt is aged 12 years and takes its malt from a class 1 distillery located a few miles from Granton On Spey

Aroma:  Fresh with a distinct fruity nose
Taste:  Medium bodied, rounded with evidence of barley & heather
Finish:  Smooth to the end with a touch of sweetness and spice

Blended Malt – better described as vatted or pure malt. Single malt whiskies chosen from a number of distilleries, and of different ages, married together in oak casks for minimum 8 months.

Highland Edition – beautiful Highland single malts brought together and presented in an antique green glass bottle with a metallic copper label.

Peated Edition – whiskies from Islay and the Highlands finished in Ardmore casks. This is a lightly peated whisky but has the smoky flavour tones you expect from this style of whisky. Green and copper label

Limited Release
Single cask bottlings of older whiskies specially chosen for this range. We bottle at higher strength and natural colour. Each bottle and carton features the cask number , distillation date, tasting notes and is individually numbered.

Black Top Blended Scotch Whisky
Black Top is a blended Scotch whisky that is high in quality yet competitively priced. The whiskies in Black Top have been carefully selected and represent a combination of the finest grain whisky plus a blend of single malts. These are primarily Highland malt whiskies, some from Speyside and some from further north. There is a real skill in taking single malts of differing ages and combining them along with single grain to create a whisky that is balanced, full of flavour and easy to drink. The Black Top blend contains several malts that are 5 years or older. It means there is a depth of flavour because these malts have been in cask for longer. Our presentation features a green bottle with a black top and ‘Bottled in Scotland’ in gold. The name is in red against a cream pinstripe background. Our motto in Latin ‘Honestus Et Beatus’ features at the top of the label. This translates to ‘Honourable and blessed with fortune’ Everything one expects when consuming a fine Scotch whisky!

Hutchison’s Ginger Drinks
Named after James Hutchison, a Scottish wine merchant who is credited with developing our ginger wine in the 1750’s. We have 3 ginger based drinks all using natural root ginger

Hutchison’s Spiced Ginger Wine
All natural ginger wine made using root not powdered ginger. It has a full deep ginger aroma and taste. Ideal by itself or in cocktails and several recipes.

Hutchison’s Ginger Cream
Lighter than most creams and combines ginger, cream plus a hint of dark chocolate. Presented in a slim cream 50cl bottle at 14% abv

Hutchison’s Whisky Mac
We blend Hutchison’s Ginger Wine and Highland single malt whisky then leave them in oak casks to marry the ginger and malt whisky. The result is a delicious 17% liqueur with a ginger, oaky whisky aroma and taste

Aberko brands are sold in Europe, North and South America. The company works with reputable importers to sell and market these brands, and we are looking to add more importers at this time.

Please contact Aberko today to find out more regarding representing our brands.







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