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International Collection

International Collection is one of the world’s most popular speciality oil brands, sold to home chefs on every continent.

A retail brand of AAK, the leading supplier of edible and speciality oils, International Collection brings together must-have flavours and ingredients, making it simple to bring flavour, depth and enticing aroma to any dish.

One of the most successful products from International Collection is Organic Apple Cider Vinegar. Available in a range of bottle sizes, Organic Apple Cider Vinegar is a favourite among the health-conscious, thanks to its reported benefits such as lowering blood pressure, helping weight loss and fighting infection and improving body metabolism.

International Collection has built an enviable reputation among home chefs for its range of oils. Seed oils, from Fiery Toasted Sesame to Grapeseed Oil, can be used in everyday recipes to bring texture, depth and flavour, and nut oils such as sweet almond, walnut or hazelnut are essential ingredients for anyone who loves to produce delicious and aromatic food.

This is also the brand for Organic Coconut Oil, another current favourite among health-savvy cooks who want to eat clean food without sacrificing flavour and texture.

Olive oil takes on a new dimension with International Collection, with natural flavours including white truffle or garlic. And, for exceptional dipping oils that marry perfectly with breads and olives, either as a buffet or a prelude to a Mediterranean feast, the range features olive oil flavoured with basil and sundried tomato, and balsamic vinegar and Italian herbs.

For the truly discerning home chef, the Special Selection range offers delicious gourmet oils that are not only exceptional in flavour but also nutritional qualities. Choose from Virgin Avocado Oil, Virgin Flaxseed Oil and Virgin Macadamia Nut Oil for an incomparable taste experience.

Spray oils deliver convenience while making it easy for home chefs to reduce the amount of oil used in recipes. They’re available in Grapeseed, Toasted Sesame, and Flax-seed varieties, making connoisseur cooking more convenient.

Flavoured oils can bring an instant touch of the latest global food trends to any kitchen. Spicy FireHouse adds a deep, hot sriracha flavour to food, while SmokeHouse evokes the aroma and BBQ taste of the outdoor grill. Both oils are perfect for glazing, marinating, drizzling or adding to food for a splash of pleasure.

New for this year is a fresh, revived look for International Collection. The new packaging designs have been developed to offer even greater stand-out appeal on shelves, with eye-catching imaging that conveys the thrill of discovering new flavours!

International Collection speaks the global language of flavour, with loyal customers in all parts of the world, from the USA and Europe to Japan, Mexico and Ethopia.

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