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Currently, the Vimto® brand is worth £56m and is experiencing year on year growth; twice as fast as what the total soft drinks market is experiencing. Vimto® is a highly regarded brand built on trust, quality, heritage and understanding of the consumers needs. This is why Vimto® can be found in 1 in 5 UK households. Vimto’s® confectionary range alone commands a retail sales value of £15m and is also experiencing strong growth year on year.

The Vimto® flavour was created in 1908 in Manchester, England, by John Noel Nichols (1883 - 1966) as a drink and has since enjoyed over 100 years of success, celebrating its centenary in 2008. Vimto® is primarily a range of drinks that includes ready to drink, cordial and carbonated variations and is sold in over 70 countries. Vimto® International has responsibility for the licensing, manufacture, distribution and promotion of Vimto® branded products worldwide.

Vimto® International is a division of Nichols plc. Nichols plc is a highly focused soft drinks business. Its brand portfolio in the UK includes Vimto®, Weight Watchers, Sunkist, Panda and Levi Roots. The group has a leading market position in both stills and carbonated drinks categories and also in the soft drinks dispense market, where its brands include Cabana, Ben Shaws and Dayla. Nichols plc has been recognised within the industry with numerous awards. These include awards for its successful marketing campaigns, International trading and company practices.

Vimto® has fast become a popular choice due to its unique flavour. Fruit juice (Grape, Raspberry and Blackcurrant) is blended with a secret recipe of herbs and spices to deliver a wonderful taste sensation. This distinct blend of herbs and spices still remains a secret to this day.
We pride ourselves in only using the finest ingredients, always checking that taste and quality meet the highest of standards. All products that carry the Vimto® name have met the strict criteria to qualify to ensure the Vimto® name is only present on the best of products.

Vimto® first entered the confectionary market in 2002 launching the Vimto® ice lolly. Following the success of the ice lolly, Vimto® then launched a hard boiled lolly, both of which are still enjoyed today. With today’s consumer not only watching what they spend but also becoming more health conscious, Vimto® offers a confectionary snack suitable for everyone. Vimto® have products that are made with real fruit juices and contain no preservatives or artificial colours. There are some products that are suitable for vegetarians and all Vimto® confectionary products are gluten free. These products are priced competitively within their category.

Vimto® International uses the export business model. We export goods that are produced in the UK and Europe to multiple destinations across the globe. We are able to export our entire range of the Vimto® branded licensed products. This includes the following;

- Vimto® Chewy Sweets
- Vimto® Tongue Ticklers
- Vimto® Bon-Bon Bags
- Vimto® Bon-Bon Jars
- Vimto® Lollipops
- Vimto® Ice Lollies
- Vimto® Rip Rolls
- Vimto® Boot Laces
- Vimto® Fruit Numbers
- Vimto® Fruit Rope
- Vimto® Fruit Hoops
- Vimto® Fruit Drops
- Vimto® Roller Licker
- Vimto® Candy Spray
- Vimto® Fruit Drops

The latest confectionary products launched are the Vimto® Fruit Drops in packaging designed to replicate the Vimto® soft drinks can. They contain a selection of 14 individually-wrapped fruit drops made with the Vimto® flavour, real fruit juice and containing no artificial colours or hydrogenated fats.

For more information on our branded licensed product range, please get in touch through the email above.



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