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NEWS: ORGANIC SALES 'DOWN 20% THIS YEAR' (Source: The Grocer)  

Sales of organic food have dropped by a fifth this year, according to data from market analysts TNS, as consumers feel the pinch of the economic downturn.

Organic sales dropped from just under ?100m a month earlier this year to ?81m for the most recent four-week period, representing a drop of almost 20%.

"We're certainly seeing a dip,? a TNS analyst told the Daily Telegraph. ?The question is, is it a dip that's bouncing back? Or could it be the start of a real drop??

The Soil Association said it believed organic sales could stay strong despite the downturn.

?These values are very important to people still ? the concern about the way we farm, the way the countryside is under threat at times and animal welfare,? a spokeswoman told the paper. ?I predict demand will plateau a bit but not decline.?

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