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NEWS: 100,000 More Opt To Grow Their Own (Source: The Grocer)  

As many as 100,000 people in England are waiting to get hold of an allotment in order to grow their own vegetables, claim weekend press reports.

However, demand for urban plots far outstrips supply, with many local councils lacking the resources to provide land for new allotments.

?There are many pressures on their budgets but a lot of people are on waiting lists and it would be of great benefit to these people to be able to grow their own food and enjoy the calming atmosphere of an allotment,? Neil Dixon, chairman of the National Allotment Gardens Trust, is quoted as saying by the Sunday Telegraph.

He added: ?Councils need to do more. There are many examples of them forming partnerships with local landowners and finding other innovative ways of providing allotments. Some farms are finding that there is a balance between profit and the environment by turning over land for locals to grow their own food.?

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